“Irina Chistiakova is an outstanding talent…”

Maestro Enrique Batiz Campbell, pianist and chief conductor of the Orquesta sinfonica del Estado de Mexico


“…The bright spot, such as it was, was the playing of pianist Irina Chistiakova, a first-year student at the Moscow Conservatory. In the “Concierto Romantico” by Manuel Ponce and the “Noches en los Jardines de España” by Manuel de Falla, she handled the virtuoso passages and lush melodies like a seasoned concert veteran”

The Washington post, 01.02.2015


“…Ms. Chistiakova, who now frequently travels with the State Symphony in between her continuing studies at the Moscow Conservatory, delivered a great interpretation of the Ponce concerto, which is kind of a cross between Hispanic flavors and the Brahms-Tchaikovsky school of late 19th century (or, in musical terms, “Romantic”) lush tonalities”

DcMetroTheater, 03.02.2015


“…Irina Chistiakova was embracing the concerto on its terms, delivering a big, all-out performance with all the flourishes and showiness this music demands”

Chicago Suntimes, 28.02.2015


“…Ponce piano concerto is full of grandiose, sweeping melodies, and Russian soloist Irina Chistiakova thundered her way through this concerto in the grand romantic manner. This work offered Chistiakova many solo piano passages, in which she displayed brilliant technique, as well as a delicate touch in projecting the more tender passages”

News-gazette, 08.03.2015


“…So it could not have been more appropriate the orchestra’s conductor Enrique Bátiz to engage as soloist the Russian virtuosa Irina Chistiakova for the Ponce Concerto. She brought her amazingly supple technique and unstinting emotional communication to the concerto, not to mention a quite instinctive empathy for its vibrant style”

SanDiegoStory, 14.03.2015


“…The pianist, Chistiakova, displayed an astounding ability to combine great force with remarkable sensitivity”

Tom McDowell, 14.03.2015